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Monday, 11 June 2007 14:52
The four candidates for the permanent diaconate in the Diocese of Pembroke received the ministries of “lector” or “acolyte” at a special celebration and Mass presided over by Bishop Richard Smith at St. Columbkille Cathedral, Pembroke, on January 31, 2007.

The candidates are in the midst of a four-year process of formation and discernment leading to ordination as permanent deacons. The formation process has many facets, as described in a previous edition of Ecclesia. During the program, these two ministries are to be conferred on these men by the bishop. Three of them, Bob Farmer, Peter Grabosky, and Robert Wilson, all of whom are in their second year, were instituted as “lectors” by Bishop Smith.

The lector is one who proclaims the Word of God and is able to catechize. The Word of God is so precious that it is not just read, but rather proclaimed to the faithful. There is also the obligation to live out the Word of God in our daily lives. As the bishop pointed out, this is often not an easy task as there is always the pull to the enticements of the world’s way of living. To live out the Word of God is often a challenge, so the lector has a serious responsibility.

These three men in their future ministries will be heralds of God’s Word and eventually, as deacons, will be able to preach to the people from it. This will require much study and preparation. A lector can make the Word of God come alive. As the people of God, we hunger for this Word.

A fourth candidate, Adrien Chaput, is in his third year of formation and has already received the ministry of lector. This year Bishop Smith conferred the ministry of “acolyte” on Adrien. The acolyte serves on the altar and can prepare it for the celebration of the Eucharist. The Liturgy of the Eucharist, the Mass, is the central core of our worship as Catholic Christians. The acolyte then has an important role to play in this liturgy. After Adrien is ordained to the diaconate, he will be the ordinary minister of the cup during Mass, a wonderful privilege and indeed a serious responsibility.

After the proclamation of the gospel, the bishop explained to each candidate the responsibilities of these ministries. Then the candidates were formally presented to the bishop who conferred the ministries upon them.

The celebration in the Cathedral was well attended, not only by the parishioners of St. Columbkille, but also by the families and friends of the candidates. Also attending were four priests: Msgr. Douglas Bridge, Fr. Howard Chabot, Fr. Michael Costello, and Fr. Réal Ouellette. Three of the ordained deacons of the Diocese were also there for moral support, Deacon Michael McFarlane from Pembroke, Deacon Bob Probert from Combermere, and Deacon Don Smith from Renfrew.

After the celebration of the Mass, there was a reception in the cathedral parish hall for all who had been in attendance. It was a wonderful evening, not only for the diaconal candidates, but for all who were there to support them on their journey. As these men continue in their formation and discernment, they will need prayer. They must pray themselves, but they also need the prayer support of the people. It is the people whom these men will ultimately serve after they are ordained as deacons. Adrien Chaput will hopefully be ordained next year, and the other three, Bob Farmer, Peter Grabosky and Robert Wilson hope to be ordained in the following year.


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Home News and Events Ecclesia Archives: 2006(non-PDF)