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The new coat of arms of the Diocese of Pembroke PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 11 June 2007 11:56
The celtic decoration represents the artwork in the Cathedral of the diocese that honours Saint Columbkille, the patron saint of the diocese. The colour blue represents the Ottawa River that joins the two main parts of the diocese and which was a means of communication for the early missionaries to Canada. The colour blue is also associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary. The colour white represents activity on the water, in the form of the “white water” appearance of rapids and waves created by paddlers and canoes. The cross is the style that appears on the seal of the Chancery of the Diocese, as well as on vessels and appointments of the first Bishop of Pembroke, the Most Reverend Narcisse Zepherin Lorrain.


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Home News and Events Ecclesia Archives: 2006(non-PDF)