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2008 Report to Parishioners on the

Chorrillos Three-Year Children's Feeding Project - Lima, Peru

For the past two years, the people of the Diocese of Pembroke have been supporting a feeding project to help malnourished children in the region of Chorrillos, an impoverished section of the Archdiocese of Lima. The Lima-Pembroke Partnership Committee made a commitment (on behalf of the people of the Pembroke Diocese) to support this feeding project for three years and we are now entering our third year of fund raising. Our commitment was for $210,000 to be sent to Lima ($60,000 the first year; $75,000 the second year and $75,000 the third year). The first two years' commitment has been sent and we are assured that the program is well under way.

A report was received indicating the commencement of the project (July, 2007) after surveys were conducted and medical examinations performed on the children involved. The facilities were updated, mothers were chosen for training, and requests were made for donations from local supporters to help with the work. The children involved in this feeding project (1000 over the 3-year period) are now fed 2 nutritious meals a day and their mothers are taught hygiene and nutrition in order for them to help their children stay healthy. The generosity of the people of the Diocese of Pembroke has made it possible for the people of the community of Chorrillos to have their children start on the path to good health and we pray that this will continue for them.

The project is currently in its second year of operation and a second report has been received from the project organizers indicating some of the following conclusions:

1. "We are intending in the near future, to make better use of the quality of service we have, thus getting a better handle on the control of parasites through the supplementation of nutritional food for the children. It is our hope that once this is done the parents will be in a better position to maintain the health of their children."

2. "An important part of the project is the group of mothers who volunteer their services to the program. As we move into the second phase we have organized a relatively consistent group of people who care for the maintenance of the soup kitchens."

3. "The economic support of a third party is without a doubt an important and a necessary part of this project. We are contemplating soliciting help from private enterprise and from the State through means of PRONAA (National Program of Food Assistance."


We now invite you to send your donation for our third-year commitment to:

DIOCESE OF PEMBROKE (Chorrillos Feeding Project)

188 Renfrew St., Pembroke, ON K8A 6X1

Any donations received by us in excess of the amount that we are committed to will be held and it shall be decided by the Committee whether to continue to support this worthwhile program or to use it to support another project within the Archdiocese of Lima.

The Committee members are confident that your donations are being put to the best possible use and that the project is proceeding as anticipated. Fifteen pilgrims will be visiting the Chorrillos Community in late November as they participate in the second diocesan pilgrimage trip to Peru. We will be reporting to you once they have returned in December. Please continue to pray for our Peruvian neighbours and for the continuation of our partnership with them.

Lima-Pembroke Partnership Committee


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