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Development and Peace is the official international development agency of the Canadian Catholic Church. It was founded in 1967 by Canada’s bishops to fight poverty in the Global South—Africa, Asia and Latin America—and to promote greater international justice. Development and Peace also plays a key role in emergency relief.

Here at home, the agency educates the Canadian population about the causes of impoverishment of peoples and mobilizes actions for change. What Development and Peace seeks to achieve:

As followers of Christ, we stand in solidarity with our partners as they struggle for a dignified life, and—in some cases—for life itself in the face of unjust social, political and economic structures and natural disasters.

Development and Peace follows a long-term partnership model, which views the people of the Global South as agents of their own destiny.

Typical projects involve issues of peace-building, human rights, agrarian reform, education, community development and economic justice.

For more information on the Development and Peace mission, history, partners, finances, and campaigns, visit: www.devp.org

Development and Peace in the Diocese of Pembroke

Two yearly workshops for parishioners are offered:

Share Lent Workshop

Each year, prior to Lent, every parish in the diocese is invited to send representatives to a Share Lent Workshop, where participants learn how the work of Development and Peace is linked to our faith. The goal of supporting community-based, sustainable development initiatives by people in the Global South is inspired by Gospel values, particularly “the preferential option for the poor”. Participants learn how to animate their faith communities, how to use educational materials so that the Share Lent donation is a meaningful act of solidarity. Share Lent is the major Development and Peace fundraising campaign of the year. (The amount of the 2005 Share Lent collection from parishes in the Diocese of Pembroke was $145,920.79)

Fall Campaign Workshop

In the Fall, parishes are invited to send representatives to the Fall Campaign Workshop, where participants learn about taking action against injustice on a specific issue. 2006 marks the final year of a three-year program: “Water: Life Before Profit.”

Contact your parish for specific dates and locations—all are welcome!

Video Presentations about Development and Peace

There are several excellent videos about the work of Development and Peace, from 10 to 20 minutes in length.

For information about having a speaker or video presentation for your group, contact the Development and Peace chair for the Diocese of Pembroke, Margaret Conroy, by phone at 613-625-2963 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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