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Diocesan Adult Faith Formation

Our Diocesan Adult Faith Formation Program—“Cultivating Seeds of Faith"

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The Diocese of Pembroke has a lending library of print, video, DVD and program resources. These resources are available to all parishioners and can be viewed at any time.

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Home Faith Formation Workshops and Presentations
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The Office of Faith Formation has the following workshops and/or presentations prepared. These workshops/presentations can be offered to your parish free of charge.

Children’s Liturgy Workshop

How to set up a parish Children’s Liturgy Program according to the guidelines in the CCCB’s Celebrating the Liturgy of the Word with Children.

Living the Season of Lent

An explanation of the liturgical season of Lent. Practical ways to live Lent.

Living the Season of Advent

An explanation of the liturgical season of Advent. Practical ways to live Advent.

Ministry of Lector Workshop

Being an effective Lector

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion Workshop

Fulfilling the call of this ministry.

Vatican Council II

What was Vatican Council II? What effect did it have on the Church?

Catholic Social Teaching

What is Catholic Social Teaching? Our call as Catholics to respond to social issues.

Introduction to Scripture

Basic understandings of the Bible and Scripture.

The Liturgical Year

What is the liturgical year?  Understanding and living the liturgical year.


RCIA Talks/Presentation Topics:

  • Saints
  • Creation and De-Creation
  • Baptism and Confirmation
  • Confirmation and the Eucharist
  • Continuing the Journey—Living the Christian Life
  • The Liturgical Year
  • The People of God

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Home Faith Formation Workshops and Presentations