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Jubilee of Mercy: Dedicated Holy Doors and Indulgences PDF Imprimer E-mail
Écrit par Yvette Bourque   
Vendredi, 15 Janvier 2016 12:09
pope-jubilee-mercyWhat is the Jubilee of Mercy?

The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy (Latin: Iubilaeum Extraordinarium Misericordiae) is a Roman Catholic period of prayer held from the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8), 2015 to the Feast of Christ the King (November 20), 2016.

Like previous jubilees, it's seen by the Church as a period for remission of sins and universal pardon, in this occasion focusing particularly on God's forgiveness and mercy. It is an extraordinary Jubilee because it had not been predetermined long before; usually ordinary jubilees take place every 25 years. The 2016 Jubilee was first announced by Pope Francis on March 13, 2015. It was declared by Pope Francis in his April 2015 papal bull of indiction, Misericordiae Vultus (Latin: "The Face of Mercy"). It is the 27th holy year in history, following the ordinary 2000 Jubilee during John Paul II papacy. The opening day was also the fiftieth anniversary of the closing of the Second Vatican Council.

In prior months it was stressed that the Pontiff wishes the Jubilee to be celebrated not only in Rome but all around the world; for the first time holy doors are going to be opened in single dioceses, either in the main cathedral or in local historical churches. The first holy door was open by Pope Francis in Bangui on November 29, 2015 during a tour of East Africa.

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Responding as Catholics to the Refugee Crisis PDF Imprimer E-mail
Écrit par Yvette Bourque   
Vendredi, 11 Septembre 2015 09:59

Open letter to Canadian Catholics

By Archbishop Paul-André Durocher, President of the CCCB


Are you away from the Church? Take a minute and visit www.catholicscomehome.org PDF Imprimer E-mail
Écrit par Diocesan Staff   
Mercredi, 25 Février 2009 10:20

Have you been away from the Church? 

Experienced a hurt that has kept you away from the sacraments?

Is there something within you that would like to return to the Church, but you're not exactly how to go about it?

Do you know someone who is away from the Church and needs someone to reach out to them?

The Season of Lent is an opportunity for us to examine our relationship with God and the family of the Church. Take a moment and explore the website www.catholicscomehome.org.

Talk to any priest in your local parish and he will help you where you are at. Check out the diocesan website for mass times in the Diocese of Pembroke.  

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