Article: Fr. Bedard’s Three-Step Blueprint for Evangelization

In his book Evangelization, a challenge for the Catholic Church, Fr. Bod Bedard, the founder of the Companions of the Cross, delineates a comprehensive three-step process for effective evangelization: a clear presentation of the Gospel, a personal and conscious decision to embrace it, and subsequent surrender to the Lord, leading to transformative experiences.

As a schoolteacher, he implemented this approach by challenging his students to surrender their lives to God, providing them with prayers of dedication to vocalize their commitment to Christ. His method involves presenting the Gospel as a heartfelt invitation, encouraging individuals to respond authentically.

Bedard argues that priests and deacons should adopt the role of evangelists in the pulpit, urging listeners to open their hearts to the Lord. He warns that until this shift occurs, Catholics may remain unevangelized or distant observers within the Church. Bedard draws on personal experiences to illustrate the transformative impact of consciously choosing Jesus and his Gospel, recounting instances where students underwent a significant turning point in their lives, transitioning from being disengaged from their faith to actively embracing it.

Bedard underscores the importance of prayer in opening doors to people’s lives rather than prying them open. He advocates for a genuine, heartfelt approach to evangelization, aiming for a lasting and profound transformation in the lives of those reached by the message of the Gospel.

Pierre-Alain Giffard

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