Message from Bishop Guy Desrochers concerning the resignation of Fr. Justin Bertrand

November 26, 2021


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is with sadness that I recently announced the resignation of Fr. Justin Bertrand from priestly ministry. Fr. Justin decided to resign for his own reasons, and I respect his decision. Fr Bertrand was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Pembroke in 2017, and served in parishes both in Quebec and Ontario. I acknowledge how difficult the news of his decision is for parishioners and clergy.

Fr. Justin has reported allegations of harassment and abuse. I want to assure the faithful of the Diocese of Pembroke that I take these matters very seriously. Diocesan authorities examined the allegations when they surfaced and heard at length both Fr. Justin and the person who was the object of the allegations. Diocesan authorities involved Fr. Justin in the decision-making process. A canonical preliminary investigation is being launched, and the gathering of information will be made by an independent third party. I will determine if any action needs to be taken based on the findings of the canonical preliminary investigation. To my knowledge, there is no criminal investigation.

I am grateful for the support of the faithful in the Diocese and your continued good work in the vineyard of the Lord. I ask that you continue to support your priests and that you pray for them and for me, your Bishop.

Sincerely yours in Christ our Redeemer,

+ Guy Desrochers,

Bishop of Pembroke

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