The Diocese of Pembroke hosts a young adult gathering once a month for all who are 18-35 yrs. With food and fun, various topics and programs are presented. Programs from are very popular, and participants can make suggestions for future topics and activities as well. In the summer months, activities like kayaking and mini-putt are on the agenda.  Our Bishop and some of our priests are often in attendance for added insight and fun!

Gatherings take place on varying dates. To find out more, or to be added to the email list, please contact us.

Catholic Christian Outreach

Are you in University and away from your regular Catholic community or just wanting to engage with other Catholics at your University? Join a Catholic community of young adults who are curious and engaged in their faith as well. To find a Catholic Missionary Leader (or perhaps you would like to become one) in your University, it’s as simple as clicking here CCO also hosts a New Year’s Eve event called RISE UP! This is a fantastic event that everyone should check out at least once in their life.


NET is a team of young adults (age 18 – 30) who travel across Canada or are assigned to a parish/diocese for 10 months to provide Catholic retreats to young people through parishes and schools. Are you looking for an opportunity to serve, meet other peers like yourself AND happen to love young people? NET might be just for you!  For more information about serving on NET or how to apply to be a missionary leader, visit


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