Office of the Diocesan Marriage Tribunal

Welcome to the webpage for the Pembroke Diocese Marriage Tribunal.

Everyone’s situation is unique; some cases are very complex. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your situation with a member of your parish team (e.g. priest, deacon, pastoral minister) or with a member of the Tribunal staff.

The role of the Marriage Tribunal is to assist those who wish to present a petition seeking a declaration of nullity for a previous marriage (i.e., annulment).

What is a Decree of Nullity?

A Decree of Nullity, also called an annulment, is a declaration issued by the Catholic Church, through its Marriage Tribunal, that a given marriage is invalid (not binding) because some essential element of marriage was lacking at the time of the exchange of consent.

Annulments are not Catholic divorces. A Catholic Decree of Nullity states that, in the eyes of the Church, there was never a bond established. Since the Catholic Church recognizes all marriages (of Catholics and of others) with few exceptions, the Church’s nullity process is a way of helping persons come to peace in themselves, and with the community of the Church, after a marriage has broken down.

Judicial Vicar

Mrs. Cathy Grahl

(613) 732-7933, ext. 205

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