header – Fr. Ryan Our recent experience of studying the Word of God in the parish drew an enthusiastic response. It was a grace to see parishioners of varied ages and experiences make connections between the Word of God and the tradition of the Church in a way that allowed study and reflection to lead to deeper prayer and friendship with the risen Lord, the Word Made Flesh. header – Fr. Réal Every parish I've seen Bible studies taking place, people came out of them nourished and wanting more! header – Viviane The bible study ended up being a complete surprise ... I learnt to look at scripture as a relational love story between God and his people instead of a linear historical account. It has provided me with a new perspective that has made opening the Bible a new rich experience. header – Shirley The two I attended were excellent. Learned things I did not know! header – Emily Studying the Bible as a group fostered community and individual growth in our faith. Hope to attend another one someday. header – Emily We found the study very enlightening. The program always stayed focused and invited us to know more about Our Lady directly from the Bible. header – Bonnie It is wonderful to have bible study to learn God's word and a chance for fellowship. I think it is a great idea!!! header – Kathy The Bible study on Mary in the Bible was truly fascinating! We were led through the old and new testament and showed how they point to Mary. The Bible has become a daily part of my life journey

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