Blessed Catherine’s Starflowers

We invite all the faithful to pray for the evangelization efforts in the diocese and the missionary conversion of our Christian communities.  One way to do this is to participate in a prayer fellowship called the Blessed Catherine Starflowers. Those who participate in it follow in the footsteps of Blessed Catherine of St. Augustine, co-founder of the Canadian Catholic Church, who offered her life and sufferings for the salvation of souls.

Like her, you can offer your sorrows and difficulties for the renewal and growth of the Church.  When we are struggling,  sick and sometimes bedridden, we may be tempted to think that we can no longer participate in the work of the Church. But in fact, these are precisely the times when we can be most spiritually fruitful.

Learn more about Blessed Catherine by visiting the following link:

If you are interested, sign up for this prayer community: click here to sign up,  or contact your parish office for more information. You will receive a Blessed Catherine Starflower prayer booklet and a Blessed Catherine of St. Augustine medal.

In the booklet, there is a space to write your offering and a diagram of the starflower. Each petal represents an intercession for each day of the week. Your pastor may include specific intentions for the parish. There will also be suggestions for prayers. Finally, each month a Mass will be celebrated for all members of the Blessed Catherine Starflowers.

Here is a sermon of Father Réal Ouellette presenting Blessed Catherine’s Starflowers.

Letter from the Bishop

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ:

Do you know how very precious your life is? Have you ever thought that you have something immense to give to the Lord and to His people? Can you imagine the power that is released when we offer our life in all its littleness and ordinariness?

I invite you to experience a deep unity between your heart and Jesus’ Heart through this offering of your daily life to Jesus. Under the patronage of Blessed Catherine of St Augustine, your life with all its joys and sufferings becomes a powerful act of love burning for the salvation of souls in our diocese. Your offering becomes a basis upon which we can renew and build our Church.

Love is a magnet. It draws out love. Your gift of love will draw out the hearts of others to Jesus’ Heart. Please prayerfully consider serving the Diocese of Pembroke through this offering of self.

Sincerely yours in Christ our Redeemer,

+Guy Desrochers, C.Ss.R.
Bishop of Pembroke

Members of the Bl. Catherine d’Augustin’s Starflowers:

Ray Martin (St. Francis Xavier Parish)

Thereswa Surnoski (St. Francis Xavier Parish)

Richard & Maureen Brennan (Our Lady of Fatima Parish)

Viola Laginski (St. Martin of Tours Parish)

Ethel Lavalley (St. Martin of Tours Parish)

Irene Largy (St. Martin of Tours Parish)

Marilyn Collins (St. Martin of Tours Parish)

Dwight Bennett (St. Martin of Tours Parish)

Jackie Stubbs (St. Martin of Tours Parish)

Emily Etmanski (St. Martin of Tours Parish)

Marilyn Dupuis (St. Martin of Tours Parish)

Annick Bennett (St. Martin of Tours Parish)

Mary Daly (St. Martin of Tours Parish)

Roseline Frederick (St. Martin of Tours Parish)

Catherine Van Baal (St. Martin of Tours Parish)

A.D. (Combermere)
Adrea Bonneau (Our Lady of Sorrows Parish)
Adrienne O’Donnel (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Agnes Nick (St Lawrence O’Toole Parish)
Alikeandra Czapla (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Alma Ruth Coffman (Combermere)
Anda Sprudzs (St. John Chrysostom)
Andrea Sandlin (Anonymous/Anonyme)
Angela McAdam (Our Lady of Fatima Parish)
Ann Dombroskie (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Ann Pilon (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Ann-Marie Gagné (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Anne Bonnah (St. Lawrence O’Toole Parish)
Anne Chabot (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Anne Wood (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Arlette Hermans (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Barbara Chugg (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Bernadette & Bill Michaud (St. Martin of Tours Parish)
Bernie Drapeau (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Bernie Lynn (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Bernie Taylor (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Berny Mortimer (Our Lady of Fatima Parish)
Betty Coulas (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Bev Maciag (Combermere)
Beverly Ingram (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Bob Kusluski (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Bonnie Plourde (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Bonnie Staib (Combermere)
Brian Trebinski (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Carmel Rumleskie (St Lawrence O’Toole Parish)
Carmen Ouellette (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Carol Sulpher (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Carole St-Amour (North Bay)
Cathy Mahusky (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Cathy McNulty (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Cathy Prince (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Cecelia Kusluski (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Cécile Bertrand (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Charles Callaghan (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Charlotte Benoit (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Charlotte Cleroux (Our Lady of Fatima Parish)
Chris Skarica (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Christina Milan (Combermere)
Christine Oskirko (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Claire Dupuis (Paroisse Ste-Anne)
Claire St-Amour (Paroisse Sacré-Cœur)
Claudette Thanasse (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Clermont Maurice (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Colette Éthier (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Colleen Musclow (Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish)
Cyrille Chaput (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Deacon Albert Benoit (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Deacon Bob Probert (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Deacon Don Smith (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Deacon Jean-Nil Chabot (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Deacon Tim Foster (Paroisse St-Thomas-d’Aquin)
Debbie MacDonald (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Debbie McSheffrey (Most Precious Blood Parish)
Debbie Rodway (St Lawrence O’Toole Parish)
Denise Fortin (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Denise Malette (North Bay)
Denise Nadon (Paroisse Sacré-Cœur)
Devan Deshpande (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Diane Lefebvre (Combermere)
Dianne Dillon (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Dianne Harrison (Holy Canadian Martyrs Parish)
Dolorès Foisy (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Don McLellan (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Donald Dombroski (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Donna McNulty (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Dorene Hoare (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Doris Gagnon (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Dorothy Dombroski (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Dragi Anderchek (Holy Canadian Martyrs Parish)
Elaine Boskill (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Elaine Turner (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Eleanor Trader (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Élisabeth Guindon (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Ella Gbokede (Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish)
Emily Etmanski (St. Martin of Tours Parish)
Emily Raymond (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Étiennette Wright (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Ewa Guziuk-Czakowski (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Father Pawel Ratajczak (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Fr David May (Combermere)
Fr. Bill Kenney (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Fr. Kerry Brennan (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Fr. Michael Coyne (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Françoise Dagenais (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Gail Irving (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Gary O’Donnel (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Geena Joseph (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Gérard Dumouchel (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Gerrard O’Malley (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Gerry Craig (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Ghislaine Laplante (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Gilberte Laperrière (Paroisse St-Thomas-d’Aquin)
Gina Tremblay (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Gisèle Marion (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Gladys Curryl (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Gordon Hawley (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Grace Tracey (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Greg Doyle (Holy Canadian Martyrs Parish)
Hannah Anderson (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Hector Chugg (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Helen Burchat     (St Casimir Parish)
Helen Gutoskie (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Helen Vaillancourt (Paroisse Sacré-Cœur)
Helen Visinski (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Hélène Benoit (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Hélène Bouffard (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Hélène Chaput (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Hortense Aka (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Huguette Frappier (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Ida Lepack (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Ingrid Waclawik (St. John Chrysostom)
Jane McDonald (St. John Chrysostom)
Jane Whalen (St. John Chrysostom)
Jean Spilchen (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Jean-Marie Ouellette (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Jeannette Delamorandière (Paroisse St-Thomas-d’Aquin)
Jerry Betik (Paroisse Sacré-Cœur)
Joan Lemay (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Joan Rodgers (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Joann Sebanc (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Joanne McLaren (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Joanne O’Gorman (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Joanne Penny (North Bay)
Johanna Mathieu (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
John Boskill (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
John Bottigoni (Paroisse Sacré-Cœur)
John Lacey (Our Lady of Fatima Parish)
John Longo (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Jordan Godin (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Josephine Plazek (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Joy Holmes (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Judy Filion (St Lawrence O’Toole Parish)
Jules Gagné (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Juliette Turcotte (Our Lady of Sorrows Parish)
Justyna Zmurko (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Karine Lafrance (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Katherine Kelly (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Katherine Longo (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Kathleen Gohr (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Kathy Pires (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Kim Clouthier (Our Lady of Sorrows Parish)
Kim Coulas (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Lauren Peplinski (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Laurette Goyette (North Bay)
Laurie Hanneman (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Leona Chippior (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Leona Warren (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Lil Bottigoni (Paroisse Sacré-Cœur)
Lili McLellan (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Linda Meahan (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Lois Béchamp (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Lois LeSole (Holy Canadian Martyrs Parish)
Lorette Pigeon (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Lori Betik (Paroisse Sacré-Cœur)
Lorna Dick (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Lorraine Crain(Paroisse Sacré-Cœur)
Lorraine Godin (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Lucien Leblond (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Lucile Tourigny (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Lucile Tremblay (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Lucy Caron (Our Lady of Sorrows Parish)
Lynn Thom (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Mackie McLaren (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Maira Holmes (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Margaret Legris (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Margaret Mary Maloney (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Margo Tremblay (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Margolaine Lafrance (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Marguerite Power (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Maria Henry (Holy Canadian Martyrs Parish)
Marie Riley (Brudenell)
Marilyn Brotton (Holy Canadian Martyrs Parish)
Marilyn Leclaire (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Marina Beauchamp (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Marlene Lavallee (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Martha Scott (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Mary Doyle (Holy Canadian Martyrs Parish)
Mary Hall (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Mary Huene Cohn (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Mary Lois Probert (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Mary Lynn McGarry (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Mary Margaret Kelly (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Mary Steele (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Mary Wright (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Mary Yaraskavitch (Holy Canadian Martyrs Parish)
Mona Mahusky (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Monique Irvin (Our Lady of Sorrows Parish)
Nancy Parks (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Nancy Saumure (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Nancy Smith (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Nelli Holmes (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Nellie Kingsbury (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Noëlla Shank (Foisy) (North Bay)
Noreene Adam (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Norma Valiquette (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Patricia Seawright (Our Lady of Sorrows Parish)
Paul Hall (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Pauline Burchar (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Pauline Burcher (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Peggy Cartmell (Combermere)
Peggy Quilty (Our Lady of Sorrows Parish)
Peter English (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Phyllis Rumlike (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Pierre-Paul Filion (St Lawrence O’Toole Parish)
Rae Stanley (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Raymond Aka (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
René Lafrance(Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Renee S. (Combermere)
Robby Cottie (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Roch Leblond (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Ron Wood (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Sandy Giesebrecht (Our Lady of Sorrows Parish)
Sharon Penlington (Our Lady of Mercy Parish)
Sheila Buch (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Shirley-Ann Holley (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Shyla Deshpande (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Simone Tessier (North Bay)
Slawomir Wojdyna (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Sophia Holmes (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Susan Peplinski (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Suzanne Foster (Paroisse St-Thomas-d’Aquin)
Sylvia Girard (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Sylvia Stamplecoskie (Holy Canadian Martyrs Parish)
Teresa Riopelle (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Terri MacLeod (St. Lawrence O’Toole Parish)
Theresa Baklinski (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Theresa Davis (Combermere)
Theresa Sabourin (Our Lady of Sorrows Parish)
Theresa Trader (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Thérèse Langlois (Paroisse Sacré-Cœur)
Thérèse Raymond (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Thomas Raymond (Paroisse Ste-Bernadette)
Tom McIntyre (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Toni Austin (Combermere)
Trudi Cortens (Combermere)
Trudy Keller (St. Francis Xavier Parish)
Ursula Day (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Vicki Kowpowska (St. Mary Parish)
Virginia Korneluk (Saint Hedwig’s Parish)
Yvette Bourque (Our Lady of Sorrows Parish)
Yvonne Maurice (Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste)
Zoyla Grace (Combermere)

The booklet

Starflowers Booklet – English – 2022-03-28 FINAL

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