Pastoral Letter – March 28, 2019

Chancery Office, Pembroke
March 28, 2019

My dear Priests, Deacons, Religious and faithful of the Diocese of Pembroke,

It is with a certain amount of sadness that I address this message to you on the announcement that I will be leaving the diocese. These years have been filled with many blessings for me and I have enjoyed the people and land of this wonderful diocese immensely.

Throughout the 12 years of my presence in the diocese, the priests, religious and faithful of this diocese have been the Lord’s precious instruments for me as I have striven and learned each day to become the Lord’s servant. Your prayers and cooperation in our common tasks will be a constant memory of the Lord’s goodness. It has been an honour to serve you as bishop.

The Holy Father’s nomination is humbling. A new responsibility in the Lord’s vineyard brings forth uncertainties. However, I know from experience, as you do, that the Lord always provides abundantly. His grace and the power of the local Church is always present, and this gives me great consolation.

My dear brothers and sisters, please keep me in your prayers in these coming weeks. I trust that I will be granted an opportunity to thank many of you in person.

In Christ,


†Michael Mulhall
Bishop of Pembroke

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