ARTICLE – Find a Need and Fill It – Revealing God’s Heart in the Community

One of the challenges we may face when we want to evangelize is to realize that we know few non-Christian. Thus, it is necessary to start engaging with people who are not Catholics. Jesus asks us to go all over the world to make disciples (Matthew 28,19). For us, our world is simply our neighborhood. It is there that we can accomplish our mission. It is there that God’s heart can be revealed. 

To start, we should think about those around us and their needs.  Meeting those needs will communicate God’s love to them. “Find a need and fill it” is an adage found in missionary churches. There are many needs to be found. Loneliness surrounds us, and some people need companionship. Some people are sick and would be touched if someone offered to pray for them. Students might need help with math. Immigrants may need assistance learning English, etc. 

Evangelizing is therefore as simple as looking for people to help and lovingly responding to their needs. Through service, relationships are built and opportunities to discuss faith arise.  

Evangelizing means loving, serving, and bringing people to Christ (some say “loving people to Christ”). Love is what makes us missionaries, and we can best accomplish this through our actions and invitations to turn to God. It is above all our love for others that will entice them to become Christians.

Pierre-Alain Giffard

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