ARTICLE – Bringing Love, Hope and Healing Through the Gospel

Bringing the Gospel to those around us is a powerful demonstration of love, as it provides the opportunity for them to receive the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and experience the hope, healing, and transformation that comes with it. 

When we spread the Good News, we extend the possibility for others to know divine love and grace. It is an act of love that communicates the hope and happiness that we have discovered in our own relationship with God. 

From one-on-one conversations to organizing evangelization events or programs at home or at our parish, there are many ways to share the Gospel. What matters is that it comes from a place of love and a desire to help others. 

Here are four ways to bring renewal and hope through the Gospel:  

  1. Start a one-on-one conversation with new people: Take the opportunity to say you believe in God and share your personal testimony. Listen to their perspectives, ask questions, and if possible talk about the promises of the word of God. 
  2. If someone shares their health problems with you, you can offer to pray for them.  Ask for their permission to lay your hands on them and intercede for their healing.
  3. Start an evangelization program in your parish or host a social event where you can invite new people to church or to a small group. This could be a dinner, concert, or workshop. Invite your friends, family members, and neighbours who are not believers and make sure to create a welcoming and loving atmosphere. 
  4. Live out your faith: Above all, we must share the Gospel by the way we live. By being an example in our family and community, demonstrating kindness, service and empathy, and living Jesus’ teachings, others will witness the love of God through us and eventually be inspired to embrace the faith.

Pierre-Alain Giffard
Director of Pastoral Work

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