ARTICLE – Spreading the Gospel One Act at a Time

Evangelization, at its core, is an expression of love rooted in our faith as followers of Christ. It is not merely a responsibility but a heartfelt calling to share the Good News with others, extending the transformative and saving power of God’s love. To fulfill this mission, it is important for us to foster our social abilities, sharpening our capacity to engage in significant, respectful and loving interactions with those surrounding us.

A first actionable way to accomplish this is by developing active listening skills. By attentively listening to others, we create an atmosphere of care and empathy, enabling us to understand their needs and experiences. This practice builds bridges of connection and fosters deeper relationships, opening doors for sharing the message of Christ’s love.

Engaging in social groups, volunteering, and attending networking events are additional avenues to evangelize through social interaction. These opportunities allow us to meet diverse individuals, learn from them, empathize with their circumstances, and display kindness and compassion.

To evangelize it is crucial to reflect the character of Christ through our nonverbal cues and actions. Also, by practicing perspective-taking, we develop a genuine understanding of others’ struggles, joys, and needs. This understanding allows us to extend grace, support, and encouragement, serving as a testament to the transformative power of God’s love.

Self-reflection also plays a vital role. Regularly assessing our social interactions, identifying areas for growth empower us to become more effective in our mission of communicating God’s love to others. By doing this, we enhance our ability to connect with others authentically and share the Gospel.

God’s love can be demonstrated through simple acts like smiling and saying hello to those we meet, engaging in small talk, including everyone, forgiving those who have offended us, practicing random acts of kindness, being present, showing appreciation and praying for others.

By striving to exemplify Christ’s love in our words, actions, and relationships, we can impact lives, transform communities, and bring others into a life-changing encounter with our Savior.

Pierre-Alain Giffard
Director of Pastoral Work

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