News from the Evangelization Team

The evangelization team of the Diocese of Pembroke is fully dedicated to its primary mission of assisting parishes, communities, and other Catholic groups within the diocese in reaching out to those who do not have faith or have abandoned it.

The team continues to emphasize the importance of prayer. Over 300 individuals now participate in the Blessed Catherine’s Star Flowers. Parishioners also have access to resources such as booklets and litanies of the patron saints of parishes, which foster a sense of unity and devotion. Additionally, in-person and online prayer groups have been established with different objectives, providing various opportunities for spiritual growth and for praying for the missionary efforts in the diocese.

Spiritual deepening and discovering Christ are promoted through initiatives such as the “Life in the Spirit” seminar, Alpha courses, and Image of God gatherings. These programs assist individuals in exploring and deepening their relationship with God, as well as understanding the fundamental principles of faith. Furthermore, the team collaborates closely with the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board to share God’s love and mercy with students and parents.

Recognizing the importance of healing and deliverance in all evangelization efforts, the team now organizes monthly healing services accompanied by Eucharistic adoration. Also, the team promotes the Unbound deliverance ministry, which provides support to individuals seeking spiritual liberation.

Parish Bible studies are led by Patrick Sullivan, who creates a conducive environment for a deeper understanding of Scripture. As another initiative, Theology on Tap is a monthly gathering held in different locations for individuals aged 19 to 49, offering a space for engaging discussions and fostering fellowship.

In order to disseminate information and promote missionary efforts, the team also publishes weekly articles on evangelization and parish revitalization. These articles serve as valuable resources for the parishes. Additionally, the diocese’s website and YouTube channel are utilized as communication platforms, providing a broader reach for sharing information and inspiring faith.

As part of its outreach efforts, the Diocese of Pembroke is implementing a new, more targeted communication strategy. This strategic approach will enable a more effective dissemination of the Gospel to those who are unfamiliar with Christ or do not follow Him.

It is the Diocese of Pembroke’s goal to inspire faith and genuinely invite people to experience God’s love and mercy through all of these various evangelization initiatives, as well as those undertaken by parishes, movements, and other Catholic groups. Innovative and creative ways of reaching out will continue to be sought to  establish connections with individuals from all walks of life. A diverse range of initiatives will ensure that no one feels excluded or left out by catering to their unique needs, interests, and circumstances.

Pierre-Alain Giffard
Director of Pastoral Work

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