A Prayer for Those Whom We Wish To Encounter Christ

A prayer for those whom we wish to encounter Christ and walk the path of discipleship

Heavenly Father, I come before you in Jesus’ name and covered with his precious blood lifting up … (name those you pray for).

I ask that you touch them with your Holy Spirit. May they come to know your grace, your love, and your saving power. Open their heart and mind to the truth of your Word.

Remove any doubts or uncertainties that may hinder their journey towards you. Lord, I ask for your divine intervention so that they encounter you through the Holy Spirit in ways that are undeniable and life changing.

Surround them with believers who can share their testimonies and walk alongside their journey. Grant them to find the truth and embrace your Son, Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Saviour. I place them into your merciful hands, trusting in your perfect timing and your unfailing love. Amen.

Pierre-Alain Giffard

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